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World famous for the wide range and the highest quality.

Easy handling with precise instructions.

Exact results within 15 minutes.

Attractive and cost-effective multi-packs.

Welcome to TEST4.COM!

Here you can order home tests/rapid screen tests for various applications quickly, cheaply and conveniently. We offer you tests for HIV / AIDS, Hepatitis B and C, Syphilis, Ghonorrhea, Chlamydia, PSA/prostate cancer, FOB/colorectal cancer, AFP/Alpha-fetoprotein (Multi cancer test) and Troponin/Myocardial infarction. The tests we offer are quality products, which meet the highest production and safety standards and many millions of these tests are sold worldwide every year.

We ship worldwide (except some countries)!

Coronavirus COVID-19 SARS-CoV-2
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Why you should buy from us:

quick and easy HIV/AIDS 1&2 iTec rapid test / home test / self test 

Comprehensive acceptance.
Our home HIV tests are recommended by the Aids-Aid Association.


Globally leading. is the number 1 worldwide and offers a wide selection of rapid tests since 2007.

Detection from 14 days.
4th generation HIV tests (p24 antigen and antibodies)
and 3rd generation HIV tests (antibodies).

100% approved.
Approved and certified home tests
(e.g. TÜV, CE, ISO and GMP).



Helpful options.
Expert advice, personal care and english and
german speaking staff.
 3 support channels. 
Telephone availability (bd 13-19h), ticket system
and convenient live chat support (bd 13-19h).
Express delivery on demand.
Fast shipping (from 24 hours)
and courier delivery on request.
 Best price. 
Fair prices and shipping costs.
No price dumping at the cost of quality.
Multiple payment options.
different payment facilities (credit cards,
debit cards, bank transfer, Bitcoins, Altcoins and
local payment options).
 We are global.
Worldwide operating company (Europe,
America and Asia).
Top products.
We are the general agency and the only official distributor
of BIOTECHMED in Europe. Therefore, we only sell branded
products that are tested and inspected thousands of times.
 Highest quality.
Try our quality; you will be thrilled.
We can only advise against cheap products!
Many advantages.
The benefits of home testing are obvious: you test yourself in
complete anonymity, safe and without long waiting
 Get discount.
The more pieces you order from a rapid test, the more discount you get:
– from 2 pieces you get automatically -10% discount
– from 5 pieces you get automatically -17% discount
– from 10 pieces you get automatically -22% discount

We look forward to your purchase!

The shop team.




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